Current Openings

There are no open positions at this time.

The Pulse team is composed of an amazing group of individuals who have come together with a common vision of changing the way people consume news. We’ve put together some of the aspects of our work and culture that we value the most:


While we work closely as a team, we each have unparalleled control and ownership of the work we do. We have a compressed release cycle of 2-3 weeks, which makes it easy to see the impact our work is having. Whether it be implementing the newest feature, sketching out mocks, recruiting, or planning out our new office setup, anyone can step up and contribute to what they are most interested in.


Product decisions are made collaboratively and the final product is something that we’ve all contributed to and take pride in. Each of our team members works on all areas of product development including programming, design, testing and communicating with our incredibly engaged user base. We have regular “anything goes” brainstorming sessions to get creative ideas out in the open.


Pulse was originally founded in the Stanford Design School, and beautiful, user-centric design is at the heart of our product and work. User testing and rapid prototyping/iteration are a critical part of our development process.

Fun and More

At Pulse, being able to think creatively and work efficiently is much more important than number of hours worked per week. We get things done, but we like to have fun! Pulse is a team of foodies, musicians, bookworms, artists, Harry Potter fans, and surfers. Whether we are DJing on while coding, or enjoying delicious catered lunches at our picnic table, we love that our office is an amazing, open and creative space. We host regular happy hours in the office to meet new people, so email us if you’d like to come by sometime!